About Us

Our founder Dr.Davidraja. MD is a visionary leader, an able administrator & a compassionate Christian. He is deeply committed to the raising of young next generation leaders and the empowerment of women for transformation. His heart was beating for the poor and needy. He was always willing to offer financial, spiritual support to anybody who approached him for any help. His Famous lines were ‘’EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT’’ & PRAISE GOD. Dr.David raja started all the trusts and institutions in the name of his dear & beloved wife Dr.Chandraleka MD. Our Present Chairman Mrs. S. Ushakumari was adopted by Dr.Chandraleka and Dr.Davidraja as their Adopted daughter and apparent heir to carry out their vision & Mission.

Through the establishment of Schools & Colleges Dr.Davidraja offered free or confessional education to the school & college students who were unable to pay their fees. Tirupattur Town knows him as a true champion of the poor. He has been instrumental in releasing several thousand from their physical, social, economical and spiritual Poverty. 

Campus: Our campus is located in Vengalapuram Village (on the Tiruvannamalai Main Road) 2 kms away from Tirupattur ( Vellore District) we have nearly 16 acre lush and green campus with numerous trees and beautifully maintained garden. The campus enjoys perennial water supply throughout the year. "The infrastructure and facility available on campus are amongst the very best." It is a wholly self-contained campus comprising of everything that students on campus would ever require. Come; see it to believe it. Our founder/ Management Trustees have registered the land in the Trusts Name and acquired necessary Approval from the Government Authorities for the construction of building.


Hostel and Food: Hostel facilities for the college and school boys & Girls is just more than a home, our Hostel children live in secure and safe dormitories, under the direct supervision of our loving and caring residential parents. Our residential teachers teach our children moral values, togetherness, sharing, accountability, integrity, openness and bible values. We provide healthy, tasty Veg. and non-veg. balanced menu. 


Sports: Our students have achieved laurels in district and state sports competitions. We have a foot ball ground, two volley ball courts, indoor badminton stadium, Play is a part of our curriculum. All the children are encouraged to actively involve themselves in the sports & games competitions. We have planned to construct a swimming pool and clay tennis court in the upcoming years. we train the children in yoga, karate, silambam, creative games & various indoor games.