Correspondent Message

Greetings from the Correspondents.
We at Dr.Davidraja & Dr.Chandraleka Institutions make sure that every student is special. The talents, skills and the abilities of each student will be identified, nurtured and encouraged to reach greater heights. There is openness, room for parents to participate in the welfare and growth of their wards. We provide space for children to think, express, exhibit their skills and also empower them to negotiate several issues that confront them the teacher being a facilitator.
The backbone of any educational institution is its faculty. In fact, they, being the role models, set the bench mark. We are proud that we have a set of staff who are highly dedicated, globally exposed and well experienced to guide the destiny of our younger generation. Though academic excellence is a priority, it is not our only focus. We prepare our students for life; groom them to face the challenges of tomorrow and to be socially relevant.
My experience with Compassion International Assisted projects and World vision keep motivating me to make sure all the children grow holistically. With the strength from our Lord and from the Guidance from our Beloved Founder Dr.Davidraja MD, By His Grace We grow each year and we will keep growing.
With His Blessings ,
Mr.Sam Kamal Julius, MA, B.Ed.,
Correspondent / Secretary.